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Since 1997 Ah, Software has been in the business of providing cross-platform database and software development, networking, and software quality assurance consulting services. We are geographically located in Berkeley, California and have extensive experience in working remotely with virtual teams.
Information has two components:
Organization and Communication
The organization of data will define a product, a project, a company. We provide database strategy and project functionality based on in-depth analysis of clients' needs and a thorough understanding of best practices.
Information storage without information retrieval is simply hoarding. Our total solution ensures that our clients have access to their information in the way they need it. This involves flexible reporting, broadband and local-area network access, multi-tiered system design.
Meeting clients' needs
Ah, Software is committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions to issues of information organization and communications on various levels. We have decades of combined experience in database and networking areas worldwide. We concentrate more on the people end of our clients' needs rather than the technological, trying to find the right technical fit for their workflow rather than having them change their workflow to conform to a specific technology.
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