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PowerTools FAQ

Does PowerTools work with (LiveCode / Revolution / Windows / OSX / linux)?

PowerTools is compatible with all LiveCode versions past 2.9. Obviously, LC8 widget support is only for LC8 and beyond.

How is PowerTools licensed?

You need a valid username and registration code to download PowerTools.
The registration code you purchase never expires. You can install PowerTools on any computer or multiple computers you own. A PowerTools license costs $40 USD. You can continue to use PowerTools forever. The PowerTools plugin is not protected, so it will run with any version of LiveCode, Community, Indy, Business, or whatever other versions the company comes up with in the future.

Are there any controls not in the LiveCode IDE toolbar palette?

There are a few extras (horizontal and vertical slider bars, a ledger field, OK and cancel buttons, a menu framework, extra scrollbar types). And there are user-defined widgets.

PowerTools takes up too much screen real estate. Can I do something about that?

Of course. Double-click the PowerTools palette to minimize the palette and dock it in an upper corner of the screen. That will minimize PowerTools down to the size of the mode switcher button, so you can always switch between Edit and Browse modes. Double click the minimized palette and it springs back to its previous size and position on the screen. The on-screen position is also remembered for the next time you launch the IDE.

Does PowerTools support LiveCode 8 extensions/widgets?

In addition, extension support is beyond what you get with the standard Tools palette: you can have folders of extensions to keep things nice and organized, and you can use aliases to reference extensions in other locations.

Widgets are stored in a DataGrid with a scrollbar, so you can keep adding extensions.

Can I create my own PowerTools widgets (pre-LC8)?

That's the real reason we created PowerTools in the first place. If you follow the steps it's not too hard. You can also take existing groups and make them into widgets if they're self-contained. See the documentation. If you're creating LiveCode 8 widgets, they're of course available as well.

What's with the graphics and paint tools?

Each graphic and paint tool keeps track of its own properties. The oval tool can have one foreground color and the round rectangle tool can have another. These are saved for the next time you use the tool. You can also assign fill patterns and gradients to graphic tools so that you can paint with a background fill pattern or gradient instead of having to apply it after the fact.

This allows you to do some things that can't be done or are tricky to do with runrev without PowerTools: you can apply a fill pattern to the spray can tool and paint the pattern in a spray effect, you can apply a pattern to the bucket tool and fill an area with a background pattern, etc.

There is also a camera tool to let you grab a snaphot of a rectangular section of the screen.

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